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48 thoughts on “Episodes”

  1. i heard about the show on the gunnation podcast
    it’s about goddamn time that someone made a show about firearms that isn’t just the usual reality drama crap
    good to see that you are making it , i wish you the best of luck

  2. As Juver, I heard about this on Gun Nation Podcast, and thought I would check it out. Will you have a place to sign up so that we could be notified when a new episode airs? Would be nice to have a newsletter or something like that. Thanks and I look forward to seeing the shows!!

  3. Fantastic! I’m very excited for the next episode. I’m a big fan and patron of Forgotten Weapons and will tune in to In Range just as religiously. Keep up the good work, and let us know how we can help out.


  4. I enjoyed the show a lot, good stuff. One bit of constructive feedback- any cash left from the croud-fuding for a few lavalier mics? The audio leaves a bit to be desired, and good audio makes all the difference.

    Damn you Karl, now I’m thinking about a M-11!

    1. That wasn’t hyperbole.

      The M11 or M11a1 with the Max31mk2 upper really is what I made it out to be – I think it actually outperforms some modern ‘stock’ SMGs.

      Unfortunately, with the NFA being what it is, they will only get costlier over time so if you’re serious, there’s no better time than as soon as possible.

  5. Excellent stuff! And thanks for the email, or I wouldn’t have known about this. No slo-mo dubstep, no gratuitous explosions and no “comedy” personas — all that stuff has its place, but it’s refreshing to see something a bit more sober. It’s early days yet, but I can see this evolving into something quite special. I think you’ve identified an untapped demographic there, much like Forgotten Weapons has done, and you both have enough nous to see what works and what doesn’t.

    I wonder if the “pay-per-view” thing might put some people off though? In the DefCon segment, you accurately identified a link between your potential viewers and those who are more security conscious and I, for one, am getting increasingly more selective as to who gets my billing information. Do you think advertising revenue might be a more appealing funding option? (Just a thought, really — I’m sure you’ve thoroughly crunched the numbers.)

    Anyway, best of luck, guys; I’m looking forward to episode 2.

  6. A good episode, thanks guys. I think I will be a regular watcher. I love the idea this can be a longer show on firearms and you can cover a lot of stuff. I think this could be fascinating.

    I would really like to see some more stuff on reloading including looking at working your way up with changes say -10% to + 20% and see what happens and how dangerous is it to overload a round in reality? Maybe some take downs on factory ammo etc… how good are factory “match” rounds, versus cheap import stuff?

    Been an engineer I would also love to see some of the fabrication techniques for a firearm such as a AR-15, there is a lot of CNC stuff there.

    You guys thinking of doing anything like this?

    1. We certainly will tackle more technical topics and I see no reason why reloading, and things like cartridge case conversions, black powder loading, precision loading, and other less mundane reloading eccentricities wouldn’t be on the table in the future.

  7. Awesome show, really informative and it was real. It’s refreshing to see a show like this instead of some of the junk you might see on the Discovery channel.

    As a side note, I would love to know where Ian got that Blam! Blam! PING shirt.

  8. First: bravo for trying to do no-drama no-BS gun media. More is needed.

    As 25-year resident of San Francisco, lifetime member of the USPSA, member of the ACLU, creator of the Flamethrower Shooting Gallery, and generally not-so-easily-pigeonholed-idealogically I appreciated the piece at Defcon. This whole area of cultural and subcultural intersection and evolution is both fascinating and important, in my opinion.

  9. Awesome guys thank you so much it’s about time we get something like this! Big fan I’m just mad I have to wait till next month for the next episode. Also if I can offer a suggestion. I was thinking it’d be nice if you guys did a sorta of membership thing were I can make one annual payment (maybe at a slightly discounted price) and keep the regular fee for those just wanted to watch one. Thanks again y’all keep up the great work!


  10. Good show. I like the no-nonsense style and information.

    A couple of things that would of been nice to see, is actually shooting the M11 before the upper change, to highlight the fast rate of fire.

    When mentioning the Chinese AK folding stock, rolling a picture in of one I think would be great for someone who may have not seen one before.

    Also like someone else mentioned, (as and engineer myself) seeing some of the engineering process or machining at places that make guns or gun accessories. Maybe they have prototypes they would be willing to share as well? I love seeing ideas develop into finished products.

    1. Good points – we are striving to make each episode better than the previous one, and we’ll keep those in mind. I think there will definitely be some engineering and production-facility-tour content in the show. Not every episode, but it will be in the mix.

      In fact, we already filmed an interview with Jim Sullivan (one of the original AR15 designers) about some significant technical improvements he’s making for the AR these days…

    2. Honestly, firing the stock M11A1 was on the agenda and I had stupidly forgotten to replace the rubber buffer into the gun when bringing it to the filming location.


  11. Great show, just one note. Please tell the people that you interview to not fiddle around with stuff in their hands. I found it quite annoying that Jim was clicking the safety and the charging handle on his AK. The mic really picks that stuff up!
    Keep up the good work :)

    1. Yeah, we realized that while we were editing the segment – definitely something that we will watch more closely during future filming. Glad you liked the show!

  12. I couldn’t login to pay with paypal; don’t know why, it works everywhere else. So next i paid with a credit card. that worked ok so i started to watch the video only the video won’t start!
    What now? Argh…

    I am using a Chromebook and I have watched Vimeo videos on it before but this is the first time I’m trying to watch a paid video.

    1. I have no Mac experience, so I don’t know how much help I can be, but I would start by logging out of Vimeo and then back in. If there’s a problem with the login or cookies, that should fix it, and let you watch.

  13. This isn’t a Mac or Windows, it’s a Chromebook . Think laptop whose operating system is the Google Chrome browser. Lots of advantages over traditional pcs but this isn’t the place for that discussion.

    When I finished paying I was shown a click here to watch that only brought up a blank screen. That’s when I sent my original comment.

    When i next checked my email I found a welcome/thanks from Vimeo with its own click to watch link and that one works. I’m in the middle of the video now and enjoying it!

    You should still get that paypal login fixed though as that’s an easier way to quickly pay.

  14. Now that I’ve finished your video, I’m looking forward to the next episode I especially liked the Defcon shoot and the talk about internet freedom. On that note I want to put a plug in for the EFF https://www.eff.org/

    *Anyone* interested in internet rights should know about and support the EFF. Just Do It.

  15. I certainly feel like I got my dollar’s worth and I’m looking forward to more. Great first episode. I think you’re certainly on the right track to make something worthwhile and valuable that has the potential to run for quite some time.

    For a pilot episode, you guys did a great job. Certainly better production value than almost anything I’ve seen that doesn’t have a full crew. You just need a good sound guy and you’ll be on your way to excellence.

  16. Good stuff. Copy/paste from the review I left on Vimeo:

    “Avid Forgotten Weapons lurker so gave this a shot based purely on my fondness for that site and Ian’s unique/down-to-earth approach to relaying information. Was not disappointed. Intelligently covered an eclectic range of topics without inundating the viewer with the too-oft-presented ‘operator’ mentality. As an InfoSec professional the DEF CON angle resonated in particular. Also impressive was the Rifle Dynamics interview which presented excellently as a friendly gun store relaxed conversation, as opposed to “So Mr. Industry Guy, tell me what makes you/your product so awesome”. Kudos. Well worth the price of admission. Looking forward to next month.”

    1. Thank you very much, truly appreciated.

      Tell your friends! :)

      This is only going to succeed through word of mouth and social networking, quite honestly.

  17. Really good show, guys.
    I also heard what Ian’s secret project was on The Gun Nation podcast, and was super excited to hear about a gun show that didn’t have producers who were ignorant of firearms putting it together.
    As another engineer, I’d love to see a segment about gunsmithing or manufacturing added in sometimes, maybe a visit to the Gunlab shop, to show their projects. (not sure how much involvement Ian has there nowadays.)

  18. So far, so good! I’m already looking forward to next months episode. I enjoy the educational and detailed content, this is much better than any cable t.v. “gun show” I have seen.

    1. Thank you very much, we hope to make each episode even better than the previous one and comments like yours provide encouragement and inspiration!

  19. Your YouTube site is probably my favorite channel so I thought I’d check out your 1st episode of IR. I have to say I was not disappointed. As an owner of a RifleDynamics AK, I really enjoyed the Fuller interview. The 1st segment was great too. I own several firearms but haven’t delved into the full auto game yet. That was a nice, brief, sort of intro as well as a fun gun review. My only gripe is the price of the show. I can pay $1 to watch a blockbuster movie on my computer. Granted, I’d rather support you guys and what you do. But still, think you could lower the price a little? I don’t think I will watch every episode at the current price. By the way, I usually never pay for tv programming in the first place. I appreciate everything y’all are doing.

  20. Overall an awesome first episode. Lots of entertaining information in there! I really enjoyed the number of topics covered and their variety. Only, issue was the sound varying from part to part, but overall that’s a pretty minor thing. I really enjoyed it and look forward to the next episode!

  21. Not one to watch tv much I recently found Forgotten Weapons on youtube and it was all I watched, awesome stuff. Then through that found InRange. I love to see the engineering of old, one-off, and just odd gun designs along with the testing, comparisons, and everything you do on InRange. Awesome stuff!

  22. Loved the “Mud Testing” episodes a lot!
    Have you thought about doing more of these with other rifles? (e.g. SCAR, Tavor, etc.) Would love to see more of this testing 😀

  23. I found InRange via the youtube “similar” algorythm to Ian’s Forgotten Weapons. Both of you guys are awsome. I am a retired IT Professional with a academic background in medieval history and an interest, like Ian, in early semi-auto pistol designs: the “gadget factor”. You folks demonstrate weapons and tactics in a manner that describes, informs, and does not sensationalize as most documentaries do. My compliments and my thanks.

    PS Karl: I see you are a retrocomputist: Apple II Forever!

  24. On the subject of WWI (great discussions and demos in corresponding videos by the way) ‘Capitain Conan’ released in 1996, is an interesting historical fiction of French origin. It immediately fascinated me with its depiction of conventional WWI equipment being used in unconventional ways and the unofficial yet tolerated methods by which a french small unit accomplished this. It is a compare and contrast, of a small unit formed by and lead exclusively on fast, brutal raid operations by one Capitain Conan. The viewer also follows a civilian lawyer turned wartime infantry officer who leads conventional infantry soldiers on the same Bulgarian front. As the movie progresses the viewer sees a beginning of the major tactical changes that would occur officially during the interwar period. Also of note are the effects, moral and disciplinary, attendant with fielding an army of conscripts motivated largely by coercion and the complications of letting loose those among them who are inherently keen. Turning it on and turning off prove difficult. Technically competent, quite grown up and far less preachy than many war movies, it is a pleasant surprise given the source (France) and the subject matter (a little known sector of the Western Front.) But perhaps those two factors are what make it work.

  25. THANKS for M1 Garand ammo info. Could you measure the speed the bolt travels when firing the Garand loadings by Federal(150 grain) & Hornady(168 grain)? I hope they both come in at or near the 200 fps like the military ball ammo.

    Best to all.


  26. Watching your AR mud test, it looks like the gasses from the DI blow some of the crud out of the action. Have you considered testing a DI gun against a piston gun to see if there’s a difference?

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